Blogmas Day 3: Festive Ramblings and Advent Calendars

Okay, so it’s currently 14:15 and I’ve just started baking. My plan for this year was to bake as much as humanly possible, and I set aside today for a bumper baking day. But in amongst waiting for shopping to be delivered and finally getting my butt in gear to go out to the shops for some essential ingredients (I always forget butter), I haven’t been as organised as I wanted to be. I planned to make a gingerbread loaf and a chocolate torrone as well, which I now have all of the ingredients for, I just need that last spurt of motivation to get it all prepared. 

To help with motivation, I’ve put The Princess Switch on Netflix. Have you watched The Princess Switch yet? I’ve seen it hyped up on Buzzfeed and I wanted to see what it would be like. I’m only half way through, but I’m enjoying it so far- I thought it was quite apt putting this one on, seen as it’s all based around a baking competition. It’s also giving me major Parent Trap vibes- the twin thing, one putting on a British accent, it’s like a dream Parent Trap/High School Musical crossover, with Vanessa Hudgens playing both parts. I have to admit that as much as I enjoy the classic Christmas films, I do love the modern ones as well, the cheesy, predictable ones they put on Channel 5. I watched A Christmas Prince last year when it was all over social media, and it was gloriously cheesy!

In other news, it’s just occurred to me this very second that I haven’t even eaten my advent calendar chocolate today; what have I been doing all day?! Let me introduce you to my advent calendar for this year, it is a Hotel Chocolat Supermilk one, which is supposed to be milk chocolate, but with less sugar in. I think the packaging on this calendar is very regal because it’s gold, and look, it even folds out- it feels very grown up! 

I need to get back to my baking now, but thank you for reading my ramblings today, and I hope you remembered to eat your advent calendar chocolate this morning- I’m off to devour mine now!


See you tomorrow,


Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Christmas Books for Inspiration

Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Christmas Books for Inspiration

So, Day 2- what have we got in store for today? We’re still early on in the game here, so festive inspiration is a must. Here are a few books and websites which I come back to every year which I wanted to share with you:

For All Round Festive Glory

  • Christmas Crafts by Kirstie Allsopp: this book has everything you could possibly need for a picture perfect Christmas, from the queen of all things festive, Kirstie Allsopp. It’s got a bit of everything in; home decor, tree decorations, suggestions for table decorations and even recipes for homemade gifts. I’ve used this book to make a homemade advent calendar, I tried to make some homemade baubles (mine probably could pass for a primary school project, but I’m going to call it rustic) and the recipes look brilliant too- I would definitely recommend this one.


Can you spot the difference between my UFO and Kirstie’s perfect decoration?!
  • Pinterest: as I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of Pinterest, particularly for Christmas ideas- it is so exciting to make the Christmas Pinterest board of your dreams! I have a separate board for the Christmas projects I would love to do (most of them are food!) but this platform is brilliant for getting your creative juices flowing and giving you that festive feeling. You can find ideas for table spreads, vegan and vegetarian alternative Christmas dinner recipes, it is essentially a goldmine of festive tips and inspiration.


For Food Inspiration

  • Sweet! Celebrations by Elise Strachan: I purchased this book earlier on this year after having watched Elise on YouTube and admired all of her baking creations, and this book has so many good ideas for foodie Christmas projects. This book has a dedicated section for Christmas baking ideas, and there’s a ‘Candy Cottage’ made completely out of chocolate and sweets which I really want to have a go at making this year.


For Escapism

  • The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman: I don’t really read many fiction books, but the idea of cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and a Christmas themed book sounds like the epitome of a perfect Winter afternoon to me. This book is all about an annual cookie club that takes between a group of friends, and each chapter starts with each character’s cookie recipe, which I thought was such a cool idea to include in a fiction book. I would love to host my own Christmas cookie club, I love the idea of spending a whole day surrounded by sugar and flour, making hundreds of different biscuits and bars ready for a party in the evening, so this book gives me endless amounts of inspiration! So if you need a break from all the busyness of December, I highly recommend shutting yourself away from the world for a few hours and losing yourself in this, or any of the other books instead.

See you tomorrow,


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Blogmas! : Day 1

Hello lovely festive reader!

As the title of this post explains, it is December 1st, which means that it’s finally time to dust off your Santa hat, bulk buy the mince pies and justify every lazy decision with the phrase ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s Christmas’! The festive season has arrived, and I’m excited for every minute of it.

So I am taking on the challenge of Blogmas- I will be making a lot of food, doing some festive decorating, and trying out some new traditions as well as the old tried and tested ones, every day leading up to Christmas Day. And I’ll be documenting them here for you to come along with me for the triumphs (fingers crossed!) and fails (there will be some, without doubt).

My festive breakfast!

So, to start with, I wanted to ease into Blogmas by showing you what I had for breakfast this morning- of course my Blogmas was going to start with food- what else would you expect?

I really love the novelty of all the normal foods you buy suddenly being turned into festive shapes, so the fact that my crumpet this morning was shaped like a Christmas tree was a definite highlight of my day.

In other news, I have spent the rest of my day preparing some upcoming Blogmas posts with Michael Bublé blaring through my earphones, we’ve dug out the Christmas decorations (it was a dusty and painful experience trying to rummage through the damp garage), and I had a gin and tonic at 3 o’clock this afternoon, because hey, it doesn’t matter, it’s Christmas!

See you tomorrow,