Blogmas Day 12: Questionable Christmas Crafting

Okay, so let’s recap. So far, we’ve done a little bit of baking (more to come very soon!), but if I want to be on the same level of Christmas mastery as Kirstie Allsopp, I need to do a bit of Christmas crafting. Some kind of homemade decoration, which looks easy when somebody else is doing it, but then when you do it, it never goes as smoothly. That is what today is all about.

This is how they’re supposed to look… really cool, right?

So, today I was shown how to make a Christmas tree out of one piece of paper, that you fold in all sorts of ways, and cut out little chunks of, a bit like when you make a paper chain of people, or a snowflake decoration in primary school. If done successfully, you get a really cool looking 3D paper Christmas tree that stands up on its own, and that you could decorate if you wanted.

When I was being shown what to do, I thought, pfft, I’ve got this. How hard can it be? As it turned out, very hard! I got about five folds in until intervention was needed. And once I started trying to work out how I could fix the situation, that was it. I’d made one wrong fold and now my Christmas tree looked like someone had all but cut off the back part of it.

I tried to salvage it as best as I could and followed the rest of the steps, but I think my dream of becoming Kirstie Allsopp is still a long way off…I’ll let you guess which one of these trees is mine!

See you tomorrow,


Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Tree Foraging

Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Tree Foraging

I feel like I’m a bit late in the game showing you my Christmas tree, it’s already the 6th of December! The reason for this is because as much as I love everything about Christmas, I don’t put my decorations up until it is officially December; I stick to the same rule with listening to Christmas music too. Don’t get me wrong, nothing brings me more joy than seeing a picture on Instagram of someone putting their tree up in mid-September, but I like to stick to December so that I don’t peak too early.

Anyway, this year, when December finally dawned upon us, we wanted to try something new. We visited a Christmas tree farm, which was a cool but weird experience. I’d heard of a Christmas tree farm before, but I’d never actually thought about what it would look like- it’s just lots of Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes in rows, which doesn’t sound too strange in theory, but it really threw me!

When you arrive at the farm, you’re given a tag to take around with you, so that you can pop it on the tree that you would like. 

Luckily it was quite quiet when we went, so we just ambled around for a while with our tags, talking very seriously about how full each tree was, and trying not to look too suspicious as we sniffed them to see if they smelt like proper Christmas trees (don’t judge me, you have to for scientific purposes… and heads up, the ones with pine cones smell the best).

We didn’t actually choose any of the trees that were still growing, but we chose one which had already been chopped down (that just sounds so horrible though, doesn’t it?!), and I even netted it myself.

We had a slight issue when we got it back… it seemed to be so much bigger than when we saw it at the farm- there’s only a few centimetres between the top of the tree and the ceiling, and I don’t know if you’ve seen the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but it felt like the part in that where they un-net their tree and it’s so big that all the branches smash through the windows in their living room! Luckily ours wasn’t quite that dramatic, but it’s still a mighty tree.

I know that lots of people have a theme for their decorations, some people even change their theme annually, but we don’t really have a theme that we stick to rigidly. Our mix of Christmas decorations is a bit of everything, mostly red, green and gold decorations, as well as a string of white lights, but there are definitely a few wildcard baubles in there. I mean, in my dream home, I would love for everything to be copper and navy themed, but we take more of a rustic approach here!

So here are a few close up pictures of my our tree- I would have loved to have got the whole tree in there but I couldn’t get it all in the frame at the right angle!

If you haven’t already got your decorations up, happy decorating to you!

See you tomorrow,