Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Wrapping

I’ve just got a small, cosy post for today because this afternoon, I have been wrapping my Christmas presents. In my head, this is one of those activities which is always one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, where you put a film on, wear some kind of festive article of clothing and happily wrap your presents by your tree. In reality, it’s more like spending half your time finding the end of the sellotape and choppily cutting just the right amount of paper to fit whatever you’re wrapping. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

I’ve gone for plain brown paper this year for my wrapping, with gold string (doesn’t this make you think of the song from the Sound of Music? I’ve had it stuck in my head for DAYS now), and as a bit of a curveball, I’ve got some gold star confetti which I might haphazardly stick on top as well!

I know they might look a little bit plain, but I like the simplicity of it. I can’t say that I don’t miss seeing cute little cartoons of festive creatures on the presents, but for this year, it’ll do.

See you tomorrow,


Blogmas Day 19: Cruelty-Free Christmas Box Exchange with theoutspokenblonde

Blogmas Day 19: Cruelty-Free Christmas Box Exchange with theoutspokenblonde

Charlotte from theoutspokenblonde and I are exchanging Christmas boxes today! When Charlotte and I were talking through ideas for this Christmas box, she came up with the idea of basing it around a cruelty-free theme, which I loved. For me, the main thing that excited me about this theme was delving into the vegan recipe side of Pinterest (heads up, it’s amazing).

She is going to tell you all about the box that I made for her over on her blog, theoutspokenblonde, but I am going to tell you all about what was in my cruelty-free Christmas box, let’s do it!

So, first things first, I have to admire the box- isn’t it beautiful?! The lid is pale pink with gold spots on the top, and the base is cream with pink spots and gold Christmas trees- the perfect colour combination in my opinion.

What was in the box:

  1. This adorable llama decoration- I honestly thought this was homemade for a moment until Charlotte reminded me that there’s a tag on it!
    Isn’t this so cute?!

    This makes me smile every time I look at it- it’s gone straight on my tree.

  2. A gorgeous trinket dish- this dish has got little pastel and gold coloured teardrops, and I love these little dishes for putting my jewellery on.
  3. A pair of fluffy socks- these socks are cream and pale pink, and they feel so soft and warm. I can’t wait to wear these on Christmas Eve; it is a rare occasion when I can find matching socks, so I will make sure they stay as a pair so that they can stay looking so pretty together!
  4. A Candy Cane Lush Bubble Bar- I have always been intrigued by the Lush Bubble Bars. Every time I’ve been to Lush during the Christmas season, I stop by these and think they smell amazing, but I’ve never bought one for myself before, so I’m very excited to try this. It smells SO good, and Lush is well-known for its cruelty-free promise, which is great as well.
  5. Lavender Shampoo Bar- you can’t see it very well in the picture, but it’s the purple bar next to the llama decoration. Charlotte was explaining to me how this shampoo bar works, so you hold it under the shower until it lathers, and it’s supposed to make your hair amazingly soft. She also explained to me that she bought this bar from a local seller, which I thought was really cool. I love receiving a gift that you can properly try, and I’m definitely going to do that with this shampoo bar!

Thank you so much Charlotte, I love my box! If you didn’t already know, she is taking part in Blogmas as well, so you should check out her glorious festive posts, especially her baking ones! 

I also really enjoyed putting Charlotte’s box together and doing a whole box exchange with her. I think it’s a great idea to do something like this with your friends or family, because who wouldn’t get excited about a box of festive goodies?!

See you tomorrow,


Blogmas Day 18: Is It Wrong To Buy Yourself a Christmas Present?

One of the best parts about Christmas is showing people that you love them by giving them a thoughtful present. Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is not the only way that you can show somebody that you love them, and I know that stuff is just stuff, but it can still be a nice thing to do. That feeling you get when you receive a present from somebody, and it’s something so specific and thoughtful, that it makes you feel so loved, that’s an incredible feeling.

But sometimes, I think we put in so much effort into making and buying these lovely, thoughtful presents for everybody else, that we forget to treat ourselves too. There are only 7 days to go until Christmas now, we’re at the peak of the festivities, and we’ve all been working really hard, so it’s only fair that we treat ourselves!

With this thought in mind, I have treated myself to a Christmas present. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s something that I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself had it not have been Christmas. I actually bought this as a present for somebody else, but when I was wrapping it, I thought about how much I would love to receive it, so I kept it for myself! (Don’t worry, I did replace the present I was going to get the person this was originally meant for, I don’t want you to think that I short changed anybody!)

As I’m typing this, it’s still all wrapped up, but I am going to unwrap it right now to show you. It’s this really pretty navy weekly planner with copper constellations on the front cover, how very hipster!

I bought it in TK Maxx for about £6, so I didn’t splash out majorly on it, but I really love it. I love any type of notebook, and this one is split into weeks, which I think is really useful- I want to use it to plan some very cool blog posts for 2019.

I know that this has been another rambling blog post, but this was what I wanted to write about today, and the main thing I wanted to communicate through my ramblings is that as we delve deeper into December, it is time to treat yourself to a few nice bits!

See you tomorrow,