Blogmas Day 23: Tinsel and Table Decorations

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! It’s getting closer and closer to the big day, there’s only 2 days to go! I have to admit that yesterday I started panic buying very unnecessary things, so today I am staying away from any shops, and instead, I’m going to start decorating the table ready for Christmas Day.

We’ve got tinsel up on every available bookshelf and cabinet, and yesterday I hung up some very pretty pastel bunting. I know it’s not the traditional festive colours, but it still makes me feel like we’re celebrating, and it took me a good few attempts to hang it up so I’m never taking it down!

In terms of table decorations, we’re going for a white, silver and gold theme with our table cloth, plates and napkins, I’m probably going to empty a whole pack of this gold star confetti on and around the table (most of it will probably go on the floor, but at least every inch of the house will be as festive as possible!) and we’re going to have tea lights all around the room. Don’t worry, I have definitely learnt from my lesson yesterday with fire and I promise I will be very careful!

If our dining room still doesn’t look festive enough after all this, I may have to resort to fairy lights, but either way, I can’t wait for everything to look cosy and Christmassy.

I hope all of your festive preparations are going well!

See you tomorrow,


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