Blogmas Day 21: Festive Pick Me Up Playlist Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Charlotte from theoutspokenblonde to take part in the Pick Me Up Playlist tag, and like Charlotte, I wanted to make it festive themed, so here we go!

The Rules:

  • Link back to ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ creator – Laura Spoonie
  • Tag the blogger who nominated you – theoutspokenblonde
  • Mention how music helps your Mental Health
  • List 10 songs that you would consider to be a part of your ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ (optional: mention a little bit why each song is on your list)
  • Tag 10 other bloggers to join in with the ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ Challenge

I always find it so interesting to hear what music other people listen to, so I am very excited to take part in this tag. I wrote in my Blogmas Day 16 post about using music as a festive mood booster, so I also love the fact that this tag focuses on how music helps your mental health.

I am always happiest when I have my earphones in, when I can just shut out the world for a bit. I don’t feel like I’ve started my day off right until I’ve been able to put my earphones in and strut around, so music really helps my mental health, particularly in the mornings when I know I can be a bit grumpy! I find that music definitely has the power to lift your mood, even by just a little bit, so I want to share with you the festive songs that make me feel good:

  1. Michael Bublé- It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- this song signifies the beginning of Christmas for me. Any Christmas song sung by Michael Bublé instantly makes me feel 1000% more festive.
  2. Coldplay- Christmas Lights- I love this song, it’s one of my favourites. I think the piano is so calming and atmospheric, and just makes me think of cosy evenings in when it’s dark outside!
  3. East 17- Stay Another Day- I don’t know why this is a Christmas song, but the video is so good that I had to include it in this list!
  4. Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You- a song that needs no explanation, it never gets old! You know whenever you hear that twinkle at the beginning of the song that it’s about to get full-on Christmassy wherever you go!
  5. Bing Crosby and David Bowie- Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy- the perfect classic, traditional song that everyone goes quiet for when it comes on.
  6. Ariana Grande- Santa Tell Me- I know this is more like Christmas pop rather than the traditional ones, but I could listen to this on repeat for hours. I think it’s such a good song to have on in the background when you’re doing a bit of Christmas baking, because you can sing along to it at the top of your lungs while you’re eating cookie dough straight from the bowl!
  7. Nina Nesbitt- Oh Holy Night- this is such a beautiful version of this song, it gives me shivers when I listen to it!
  8. Sam Smith- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- this is another one that I found on the Spotify Singles Christmas playlist, and it’s just brilliant and echoey and cosy; all the good things.
  9. George Ezra- White Christmas- I spoke about how much I love this song in my blog post the other day, but I had to include it on this list because it’s so good!
  10. Lily Allen- Somewhere Only We Know- I don’t think this one is technically a Christmas song but it was on the John Lewis Christmas advert a few years ago and ever since then, every time I’ve heard it it makes me smile and think of Christmas decorations and twinkly lights.

So those are all of the songs which are getting me through the festive season- I haven’t been blogging for very long, so instead of tagging other bloggers to do this tag, I’d love to hear in the comments which Christmas songs give you that instant burst of happiness, or which really help your mental health.

See you tomorrow,


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