Blogmas Day 15: My Thoughts on Blogmas So Far & Elderflower Champagne Tea

We’re definitely over halfway through Blogmas this year, and as it’s my first time doing this, I wanted to make myself a cup of Elderflower Champagne Tea (we have to go fancy, it’s Christmas!) and mull over Blogmas so far. My tea is just perfectly warm, so let’s get into it, shall we?

Here are my predominant thoughts so far:

  1. I’m really enjoying putting up a daily post on my blog. That is the thing I’ve struggled with on here the most, posting consistently and on a regular schedule, but it’s nice to put down my daily thoughts, it feels a bit like a tinsel-covered diary!
  2. My plan went out the window. I made and rewrote my plans for what I wanted to blog about, day by day, but even though I’ve done pretty much what I planned to, it’s definitely not in the perfectly planned order I wanted to.
  3. It is lovely being festive, but it’s also important to take breaks every third evening or so from doing all the Christmassy bits so that I don’t lose my mind.
  4. As rewarding as it is, it takes a lot of planning and commitment to do a daily post. I like the fact that I’ve had the Christmas theme to stick to, I feel like it’s given my posts a sense of purpose, but it’s made me realise how much admiration I have for daily bloggers!
  5. This is going way better than expected! I didn’t expect anybody to read my posts, so to have you lovely readers liking and commenting on my posts means a lot, thank you ever so much. I hope you are all having a lovely festive month so far!

See you tomorrow,


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