Blogmas Day 10: My Top 5 Festive Supermarket Snack Picks

For today’s festive offering, I wanted to show you some of the things I’ve been excitedly throwing into my basket whilst I’ve been going grocery shopping:

  1. Cracker crisps- I’ll cut to the chase with these ones, you know they’re good. I love the sour cream and chive ones, and although in the picture this tub looks full, it’s completely empty. That’s how good they are. Perfect for nibbling at over the festive period, but definitely dangerous!
  2. White chocolate covered Oreos- I saw these on Amazon last year and was intrigued, but never ended up buying them- but I found these in Lidl last week and actually bought them this time. I love white chocolate, so these are right up my street!
  3. Waitrose Black Forest Fudge- usually I don’t like black forest flavoured things, but this fudge tastes like a soft, gooey brownie and we are currently on our third pack of these. On a side note, I also think these would make a really good stocking filler!
  4. Prosecco and Pink Peppercorn Pringles- I know what you’re thinking, these sound a bit weird. I totally thought that too, but they’re actually pretty good. They taste mostly like peppercorns, so don’t worry, they’re not sweet pringles, and it may just be me imagining things, but they taste fizzy?! It’s a bit like a savoury sherbet taste on top. So I would say if you’re willing to branch out with your crisp choices, then go for these, they’re a bit different.
  5. Quorn Mini Savoury Eggs and Burger Sauce- okay, so this isn’t strictly a Christmas choice, and I know it sounds like a strange combination, but this is really good. I am obsessed! I love a good veggie snack, particularly if it’s in mini scotch egg form, and this ticks all of the right boxes.

So if you’re watching Elf, Love Actually or Home Alone and need some snack suggestions, then why not try all of these? You can never have too many snacks!

See you tomorrow,


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