Blogmas Day 8: 5 Ways to Stay Calm in Amongst The Festive Chaos

Real talk for a moment. Christmas is wonderful and exciting, but it’s also quite stressful. Your lifestyle changes for the whole month of December- you’re expected to go to lots of social functions and be around lots of people, there’s the emotional and financial stress of finding the perfect presents for your friends and family, and you feel like you need to stay happy all the time because it’s December, which is supposed to be magical.

But sometimes it’s all a little too much, and you’re just not in the mood. You are totally allowed to feel this way, it’s normal, so here are 5 pieces of advice that I have to help you survive the festive season:

1) Keep your routine- this is so important. Make sure you’re meeting all your needs before you do all the festive extras. If you’d normally go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, don’t shun it because you have a million other Christmassy things to do. Your needs come first, everything else can wait.

2) Remind yourself that this stress is very temporary- December is just one month, and it’ll all be over soon, so if Christmas isn’t your thing, or if it’s becoming overwhelming, don’t worry, just count down the days until January!

3) Have a day off if it’s too much- you are allowed to pick and choose the parts of Christmas that you like, so why not just eat your advent calendar chocolate then forget all about it being December for the rest of the day?

4) Prioritise the fun bits- if you feel ready to get back into the festive spirit, then put your favourite Christmas film on, and put on a pair of fluffy socks, and just let yourself enjoy it-leave any stresses about buying presents until tomorrow.

5) Take each activity for what it is-  there is no expectation on you to have a ‘perfect’ Christmas, you’re totally allowed to just observe each activity for what it is, whether it’s the nice dinner you eat on Christmas Day, listening to people singing Christmas carols, whatever it may be. You don’t have to over-complicate it. Take note of how your senses are interpreting each of these things, and just see how it makes you feel. You might really enjoy it, you might hate it, either way is completely cool. 

So if you’re stressing, just take five minutes to yourself, re-read these 5 pieces of advice and remember that everything is fine and you’re doing a great job.

See you tomorrow,


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