Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Chutney

Christmas is all about the build up, and doing all those little things throughout December that make you feel festive and happy. For me, making chutney is something that a) makes me feel like a domestic goddess, and b) is something that you wouldn’t think people would really appreciate, but they do.

This is the second or third time I’ve followed the recipe for Mary Berry’s Christmas chutney, and firstly, it’s really tasty, and secondly, it always goes down a treat with my family. It’s a tomato chutney, with red and green peppers, aubergine, onion and spices.

The main part of making this chutney is chopping everything- oh my, by the end of chopping all the peppers, tomatoes, aubergine and onions, your hand feels broken. After that, it’s pretty much plain sailing, so the main bulk of my advice is about how to survive the endurance test that is doing all that chopping.

Tip #1: blast some festive music on to keep you chopping at a decent rhythm, it’ll go much faster, I promise.

Tip #2: treat yourself to a festive beverage whilst you chop, so that you have something good to aim for behind the Mount Everest of vegetables on your chopping board.

Tip #3: schedule yourself a break halfway through, to take a glug of your chosen festive beverage and motivate yourself to do the other half!

Tips aside though, once this chutney is made and has had a few days for the flavour to mature, it is delicious. So if you have family coming over, or if you fancy a mid-week treat, bring out your jars of totally homemade Christmas chutney, get yourself some cheese and biscuits, generously dollop some of this on top and enjoy.

I definitely recommend this recipe- it goes without saying, but Mary Berry is the queen of everything!

See you tomorrow,


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Chutney

    1. Thank you so much @theoutspokenblonde I’ve just had some of it now it’s delicious!! You should definitely make it, it would go wonderfully in a Christmas sandwich!:) xx

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    1. That is such a good plan, it lasts for ages as well as long as it’s in a kilner jar!! I’m sure they’ll love it, let me know how it goes down!! xx

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