Blogmas Day 5: The Christmas Tag

I thought I’d do a Christmas Tag for today to ramp up the festivities! So here are a few festive themed questions that I thought I’d answer, and I’d love to know your answers as well!

#1. Mince Pies: love them or hate them? Definitely love! I think they’re best when they’re cold.

#2. Best Christmas memory? The excitement on Christmas Eve- my family used to go for breakfast on Christmas Eve, and this was when I would start to get deliriously excited.

#3. Do I have any Christmas traditions? Usually I just eat a lot, but last year I made my first Christmas Eve box for my family filled with pyjamas, snacks and a Christmas film which we all enjoyed, so I would love to do that again this year.

#4. Favourite Christmas food? My grandma makes the most amazing sausage rolls, which I will hopefully be trying to recreate later this month!

#5. Anything I don’t like about Christmas? The recurring nightmare I have that I will have forgotten to buy someone a present. 

#6. When do I start Christmas planning? I used to start getting excited in mid-September, but now I usually start properly thinking about the festivities in mid to late November. I don’t know if that makes me more restrained or more boring?!

#7. The thing that makes me the most excited about Christmas? The food. 100%.

#8. Secret Santa: yay or nay? I am always dubious about Secret Santa- as you will have probably guessed by now, I like to plan my Christmas out to the inch, and Secret Santa is all about surprises, which terrifies me! If it’s a funny Secret Santa though, then I quite like it, because it takes the seriousness out of picking the perfect gift.

#9. Which is the best Christmas cracker present? The one that comes to my mind is the measuring tape, because I always put it in a drawer because I think it’ll be useful one day, then when that day comes it will have inevitably disappeared.  I do think the best bit of the Christmas crackers are the paper party hats that rip as soon as you put them on though!

#10. Do I have an ugly Christmas jumper? I don’t actually, I just have a grey snowman jumper that I bought from Matalan a few years ago. I want to invest in a new one this year because my jumper is gradually getting shorter and shorter, so I’m going to have a look online for a suitably ugly one!

Please leave your answers to these questions in the comments, I’d love to hear what your festive traditions are, and your favourite Christmas foods!

See you tomorrow,


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