3 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

It’s amazing how quickly a week can fly by. One minute you’re eating breakfast in your pyjamas on a Sunday morning, then the next thing you know it’s Wednesday evening and you’re wondering how you’ve gotten half way through the week without even realising.

Life can be so chaotic sometimes that you end up spending most of your time on autopilot, just crossing things off your to do list. I think it’s so important to recognise the things that bring you a little bit of joy throughout your week, because they help you to pinpoint specific moments where you felt that wash of contentment pass over you.

I want to make a conscious effort to be more conscious of the world, and less on auto pilot. So, I thought that picking out 3 things that made me smile this week would help me to acknowledge all the lovely things that are out there!

So here are my 3 highlights from the week:

1. This Emily Coxhead mug.


I’ve been following Emily Coxhead a lot on Instagram and I love the messages she puts out into the world, they’re always so lovely and filled with positivity. When I saw that she had started selling homeware with her prints on, I was excited to see the whole range, and I loved this mug, it instantly brought a smile to my face!


I’ve been working on redecorating my office space (a post will be coming up shortly on this) and this mug will be a firm fixture on my desk.

It also has the added bonus of this message on the inside! So as soon as you finish your drink, you get an extra little boost of motivation, which is often what you need when you realise you’ve run out of hot chocolate.

2.  Redecorating my desk space.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been experimenting with a bit of interior design (obsessing over beautiful Pinterest boards of dream offices) and I’m loving it.

I’ve been planning, painting and pretending to be one of those cool interior designers on YouTube that can redesign a whole house in a day without breaking a sweat. I definitely haven’t been as cool as that as I’m still finding paint in my hair, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Here’s a sneak preview!

3. Cooler evenings.

I don’t know how this has happened, but we seem to have had a Summer heatwave from about May onwards that hasn’t ended (I have the uneven tan lines to prove it). Coats and warm winter boots feel like a distant memory, and I miss being able to go outside without feeling some part of my body burning.


Since it’s still 1000 degrees outside during the day, an evening walk has become one of my daily highlights, right when the sun is setting and everything is a bit less sweaty.

I took this photo last night when I went out for a walk- I swear I could almost feel a breeze at one point which was very exciting, and I thought this picture of the sunset behind the trees with this filter on (I think it was the vivid cool filter) looked mystical.

Although I must admit that everything looks more beautiful in the sunshine, and it has been rare not to see someone walking around gleefully holding onto a rapidly melting ice cream every day, I am definitely counting down the days until I can go full-on Autumn; hoodies, blankets, the lot.

So there they are, my 3 highlights of this week. I hope you’re having a lovely week so far, and that you’ve had countless amounts of beautiful moments.

Let me know what’s made you smile this week!



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